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Are you enjoying a happy family life? If so, you do not need a family lawyer at all, but in most parts of North America like Canada, lawyers that specialize in family issues are having the peak of their career since there is an increasing rate of divorce each year. Reports say that the city of Calgary has higher divorce rate than other cities in the country. With that said, family lawyers are in great demand with the goal to provide legal assistance to family members that seek professional knowledge about separation, filing a divorce, nullity or annulment, child custody, child support, family mediation, spousal support, financial issues, adoption and surrogacy, paternity, and premarital or prenuptial agreements.

By description, a family lawyer represents people going through a divorce and other family-related issues as mentioned earlier and works closely with child support agencies to ensure that parents are paying child support as required by state law and the court systems. A family lawyer may work in a private practice or can join a group of lawyers or partnership. During the mediation process, the family attorney is responsible to represent the client.

Furthermore, a family lawyer will also probate wills and estates, handle power of attorney issues, advise clients on setting up wills, annuities and trust funds as well as work on adoptions and other issues. It is the role of the family lawyer to prepare filings and pleadings and attend court to represent the client. Some family lawyers are also collaborative lawyers working specifically reach an agreement between the two parties before going to court.

The basic responsibilities of a family lawyer include meeting with client to discuss aspects of the case, advising clients on case-related legal options, negotiating with other attorneys to attempt to resolve issues with regards to the pending legal case, preparing legal pleadings, filing court documents and completing paperwork as it pertains to the case, attending court proceedings to represent clients in legal issues, and networking with other attorneys to constantly expand the customer base.

In order to effectively function as a family lawyer, one must meet specific requirements such as graduating from the Bachelor of Business Administration in Legal Studies to be able to understand, interpret, communicate legal issues, and to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in legal areas such as family, estate, civil, and criminal law.

Finally, if your family is not into the stage of becoming a potential client to a family lawyer, it is better to take care of every petty misunderstanding inside your home and continue maintaining harmony with each member for an everlasting contentment and happiness.

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